15th International Conference on Inclusive Insurance – Coping with climate risk

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The 15th International Conference on Inclusive Insurance for Emerging Markets will take place in Dhaka from 5 – 7 November 2019. Approximately 450 experts from around the world will discuss and identify ways of accelerating growth and economic viability in inclusive insurance for emerging markets. The conference will be hosted in cooperation with the Bangladesh Insurance Association (BIA) and the Microinsurance Network.

This year’s conference, under the theme„Inclusive Insurance for Emerging Markets – Coping with Climate Risk“, will focus on how to best close the insurance gap related to climate risk by applying new technologies, understanding the role of insurance for sustainable development, improving supply, raising awareness of insurance, creating appropriate regulatory frameworks and better understanding of the particular needs of the low-income populations.

Structure and objectives of the conference

The conference will feature panel discussions on key topics addressing an interdisciplinary audience. Additional working group sessions will deal in depth with subtopics. Interactive sessions hosted by partner organisations of the 15th International Conference on Inclusive Insurance will be a key part of the conference, facilitating dialogue in small groups on emerging issues. Keynote speeches will look at the latest international, national and local insights.