17- 18
12th Annual Global Microfinance Forum

Thursday, March 17, 2016 to Friday, March 18, 2016

At present, the Microfinance is facing significant changes: new products are being developed and launched by MFIs ; more and more traditional financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions are getting involved in microfinance; local authorities are developing and tuning up regulations in order to facilitate and speed up further financial sector development. Moreover, microfinance is seen as a reliable sector for private equity investments.

The conference covers a very versatile range of topics, which makes this conference appealing to MFIs and banks, as well as private investors and developing organizations. As a backbone of speakers, there are the largest private and public investors in microfinance, commercial banks and developing organizations from all over the world.

Key Topics:

  • Global trends: How do regional opportunities differ?;
  • An insight into innovative features of microfinance;
  • Funding and funders- Microfinance from investors perspective;
  • Management capabilities in MIFs to diversify their funding;
  • Beyond Microfinance: Financing SMEs to fuel faster development;
  • Green microfinance: A solution for access to essential services?;
  • MFIs challenges to use credit scoring;
  • Raising client awareness and knowledge about financial products;
  • Financial Inclusion: Progress, challenges and a view of the future.