The Challenge of rural finance in Nicaragua and Central America

The last version of the so called “Pink Book” of the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP 2004) elaborated a recent synthesized version of the “good practice guidelines” in terms of micro financial management in order to guide donor’s policy.

In this paper/guide, CGAP acknowledges that the main subject in rural finance still is a borderline, that is, an area where there is no sufficient successful experiences in order to be able to construct general practice guidelines (CGAP 2004; vi). Neither does CGAP nor this essay, will be able to consolidate another version of the “lessons learned” in terms of rural financial markets. Nonetheless the authors state that some successful and promising experiences exist in Central America, which allow identifying some lessons learned as well as some clues worth thinking of.

The present diagnosis will focus mainly in Nicaragua, due to direct access on behalf of the researchers. When possible, ample references to central American environment will be included.

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