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Inernational Master in Microfinance

lunes, octubre 31, 2016

There are many of students who have already studied our master along the seven editions that we have celebrated.

Some of them had a clear focus on studying microfinance as they already worked in this field and wanted to go deeper to develop a profession with excellence and high quality standards. However, most of our students did not have previous contact with microfinance, but wanted to orientate their professional careers toward a new job position where they could use this tool of poverty reduction to serve people and create financial inclusion.

In any case, all students finishing our training are delighted with the program and carry with them, not only a deep knowledge in theoretical and practical microfinance, but also a extensive network due to the international nature of the Master and the personal contact with the approximately 30 experts lecturing in our campus in Madrid.

After obtaining the Master’s Degree, a new future is within grasp, giving students the chance to practice all that they have learned in the classroom. All of the students who kept their focus on microfinance are now working in the most important institutions in the sector, developing a job as successful and laudable as it could be.

Former students are now working in Spain, Italy, France, United States, Paraguay, Panama, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, China, Indonesia and Cambodia, among others. In this link you can read the experience of some of them and learn how the Master has impacted in their lives.

Application period for academic course 2016/2017 is now open. The course is limited to 25 students. The registration process will give priority to the students according to their application date. The Master will take place only if a minimum number of students is reached.


For foreign students, the process of selection will be carried out in a timely manner and a prompt response about their admission status will be provided in order to allow enough time for . For foreign university degrees validation, please visit the following .


Candidates will have 15 days after receiving the Official Admission Letter to proceed to the registration, consisting on paying a 50% of total fee amount.


Including 950 euros as pre-inscription, and the payment of the rest of the fee before January 2017.
Early birds discount: complete the enrollment before April 30th, and benefit from a € 300 discount, with a final total fee of 5,550 euros.

Scholarships for Portuguese and Latinamerican students are available, click here.

EIB and Microbank loan program to study in our Master, available here.