A Web Platform Dedicated to the Dissemination of Cutting-edge Knowledge

The Rural Finance and Investment Learning Centre (RFILC) is a web platform dedicated to the dissemination of cutting-edge knowledge for the promotion of rural and agricultural finance and investment in developing countries. It provides access to related materials for capacity development and policy design, in addition to the dissemination of news, events and multimedia.

Target clients include all public and private organizations working towards greater financial inclusion and rural and agricultural development, such as financial institutions, governments, civil society organizations, development agencies and academia, among others. Materials like training manuals, policy guides, on-line training sessions are disseminated through the RFILC with the purpose of further developing clients’ capacity to deliver improved financial services that meet the needs of rural enterprises and households.

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“Improving Capacity Building in Rural Finance” (CABFIN)


The “Improving Capacity Building in Rural Finance” (CABFIN) project is the result of collaboration efforts among its partners IFAD, FAO, GIZ/BMZ, UNCDF, WFP and the World Bank. This project aims to jointly facilitate knowledge dissemination and capacity development for relevant public and private stakeholders working to increase the availability of a wide range of financial services adapted to the needs of rural livelihoods, thus, contributing to rural development and poverty reduction. CABFIN partners also sought to facilitate dialogue among stakeholders to define priorities to be addressed and undertake joint activities to help overcome those obstacles limiting access to agricultural and rural finance. This led to the creation of the Rural Finance and Investment Learning Centre (RFILC) website in April 2004. The RFILC is a knowledge platform managed by the Inclusive Rural Transformation and Gender Equality (ESP) in FAO and funded by the CABFIN partners.

Through the RFILC, the CABFIN project gathers a user network that disseminates the most relevant resource documents and capacity development material from around the world. This joint initiative supports the development of new training manuals.


The Rural Finance and Investment Learning Centre is managed by an Editorial Team within the Inclusive Rural Transformation and Gender Equality (ESP) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The rural finance specialists of FAO have a long history of providing guidance and facilitating exchange of information in this technical field. The development of this website has thus been a natural step to exploit the connectivity provided by the internet in maintaining this role.

The Editors actively seek out materials that will make a useful contribution to the site in the topic areas that have been identified. Their detailed day-to-day input includes activities such as analysing materials, writing abstracts, adapting resources for the training gateway, monitoring discussions and answering questions from members, as well as working on new innovations and design for the site. Editors also actively promote the RFILC in an effort to continually widen the user base but also to forge important relationships and contacts with key professionals in the field.

Specialist advice is obtained at regular intervals from well known experts in the field. They provide critiques of the site and make recommendations for improvements and potential content. Volunteer editors for individual topics would be welcomed.